ShatterGARD Introduces Easy to Install BurglarGARD® DIY Glass Door and French Pane Kits to Slow Down Intruders

Introducing BurglarGARD® Glass Protection Film by ShatterGARD
September 18, 2023
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September 18, 2023

ShatterGARD Introduces Easy to Install BurglarGARD® DIY Glass Door and French Pane Kits to Slow Down Intruders

Cases of burglars breaking into homes through glass windows and doors are alarmingly common, often resulting in terrifying and sometimes deadly confrontations. 

In a recent WSB-TV news report, an intruder gained entry into a 71-year-old woman’s home by throwing a concrete paver through a window. Once inside, the intruder held the woman at gunpoint, demanding money, her car keys and debit card. He then kidnapped the woman, forcing her to drive with him to a nearby bank and withdraw money. She was then taken back to her home while the suspect fled the scene with her vehicle. Though the woman survived the horrifying event without any physical harm, the psychological damage will likely haunt her for months and possibly years to come.

Incidents like this highlight the need for effective home security measures, such as Global Security Experts offers easy-to-install DIY BurglarGARD® Sliding Glass Door/Patio Kits and BurglarGARD® French Pane Kits. Had the victim in the above-mentioned crime had the glass protection film installed on her windows, this crime could have been avoided. 

“These days, locked windows and doors aren’t enough,” says Jordan Frankel, the founder of Global Security Experts (GSE).

Frankel, also known as the Security Sensei, highlighted that home invasions or burglaries can occur within seconds. Even properly closed and locked glass windows and doors can be easily shattered by intruders using weapons like hammers, baseball bats, or bricks. He stated, “A homeowner’s response during an invasion is crucial, and our DIY Glass Door and French Pane window protection kits provide homeowners with the extra time needed to call the police, evacuate the premises, or prepare for self-defense.”

BurglarGARD® glass protection film acts as an invisible shield, reinforcing the weakest security point in a home – glass. Frankel noted that the window protection film, which has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, is the same product trusted by major retailers, the United States military, and prominent public figures to defend against intrusions.

The BurglarGARD® Sliding Glass Door/Patio Kit and BurglarGARD® French Pane Kit are available in various sizes to suit different types of installations, including windows, sliding glass doors, French pane windows or doors, and even entire glass homes. The DIY window protection film is applied to the interior surface of the glass, allowing normal opening and closing of windows and doors. The kits also include all the necessary installation tools and instructions, ensuring a seamless installation process.

The cost-effective BurglarGARD® glass protection film prioritizes both quality and safety without compromising affordability, making it an ideal choice for homeowners and business owners seeking effective protection against intruders.

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