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FREE OnGARD® Security Door Brace with Every ShatterGARD Installation

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ScratchGARD® Your Invisible Coat of Armor

ScratchGARD® vandal-resistant window film shields glass surfaces against graffiti and vandalism. Simply remove the sacrificial window film and reapply a new layer of ScratchGARD®. Our glass protection film can effectively restore your property’s pristine image and help you quickly return to business as usual, saving you thousands of dollars in glass replacement costs.

  • Optically clear, vandal-resistant film that is virtually undetectable to the human eye.
  • Resists attacks from knives, razors, and graffiti, protecting your costly glass surfaces.
  • Easy to remove, sacrificial peel-away barrier between your storefront windows and malicious vandals.

Stop Vandals in Their Tracks: Get ScratchGARD®

Similar in construction to our other ShatterGARD® products, ScratchGARD® is an optically clear, sacrificial window film that applies to the exterior side of glass surfaces. Our unique mounting adhesive is designed to make the damaged film peel away easily in a time-efficient manner.

  • Showcases
  • Windows
  • Residential and Commercial Bathroom Windows
  • Building Exteriors
  • Glass Tabletops
  • Display Cases
  • Bus and Train Windows

SHATTERGARD SECURITY & SAFETY WINDOW FILMS, INC. Inc. warrants their window film products and installation are covered by this certificate only when installed by a ShatterGARD authorized installer against manufacturing defects (yellowing, delaminating, peeling, and cracking) under nominal use for a limited lifetime, as described below.

The following products are covered under this warranty: BlastGARD, BurglarGARD, and StormGARD. Said products are sold with a Non-Transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty beginning from date of purchase when installed on an interior glass surface of a commercial or residential structure.

BLASTGARD FILM ONLY: Beginning from date of purchase and when installed on the interior glass surface of a commercial or residential establishment ShatterGARD will re-film any windowpane shattered as a result of an explosion. It is the responsibility of the end user to purchase and install the new glass surface prior to reapplication. However, if the total square footage installed exceeds 5,000 square feet and any windowpane is shattered as a result of an explosion, ShatterGARD will reimburse the end user for the cost of glass replacement as well as re-film those windows at no additional charge. A police report and photo of the broken windows must accompany any warranty claim.

The provider assumes no liability for damage to the film from improper treatment or care. Further, the provider also assumes no liability for glass breakage resulting from any cause. The provider’s obligation under this agreement is limited to furnishing replacement film unless otherwise stated.

ShatterGARD is not responsible for improper and/or unrealistic performance claims by independent dealers and installers. It is the responsibility of the end user to determine whether the product is suitable for their requirements. ShatterGARD does not guarantee our film products against glass or ballistic-related injuries. It is suggested that the customer retain this certificate and the invoice relating to the installation. Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty coverage and inquiries should be directed to SHATTERGARD SECURITY & SAFETY WINDOW FILMS, INC. This Warranty gives you specific rights, you may have others’ rights which vary from state to state.

All ShatterGARD films are thermo-pane safe and guaranteed for the lifetime of the film not to damage the windowpane seals and gaskets.

Window Film Cleaning & Curing Explanation

Do not clean or touch window or film surfaces for 45 days

Q. How should my windows appear after installation?

A. You may see what resembles air bubbles or imperfections in the film, however in reality what you are seeing are moisture pockets that typically dissipate within 90 days. Drying times may exceed 90 days depending on the amount of direct sunlight the windowpanes receive. Leaving the heat/AC on for extended periods may accelerate curing times. Exterior window applications may take longer. Once the windows have thoroughly cured you can expect excellent clarity.

Q. How long will it take for the film to properly cure?

A.It may take up to 90 days for the film adhesive to properly cure, at which point you can expect maximum benefit.

Q. What type of cleaner should I use on my window film?

A. General rule of thumb… BLUE is BAD – GREEN is GOOD. So, any window cleaner that is blue in color and/or contains ammonia should not be used. Any cleaner that is green in color and/or contains vinegar is acceptable. Several window cleaner manufacturers produce vinegar-based cleaners that are readily available. Bottom line do not use a cleaner that contains ammonia or alcohol. Utilize soft clothes and/or lint free paper towels only. If a squeegee is utilized, please be sure it is new and constructed from soft rubber etc. Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Please note: Installing glass protection is not an exact science, to that extent, the films adhesive is prone to attracting particles such as lint, dust, fine hair etc. Our installers will do their absolute best to minimize this occurrence, however there are no guarantees expressed or implied.


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