OnGARD® Security Door Brace


One Free OnGARD security door brace is automaticly added to the shopping cart gratis with every ShatterGARD installation.

Do You require additional OnGARD’s? If so, simply add more units to the below shopping cart.

Self-install on most floors in under 10 minutes

OnGARD`s Space-age polymer won’t chip, rust or corrode.

Tested by independent laboratory to withstand up to 3,100 lbs of brutal force

Easily resists violent kick-ins, shoulder slams and even battering rams

The OnGARD door brace can’t be picked and/or defeated from the outside

A onetime easy installation that keeps intruders on the outside of your home

We recommend hiring a professional if your home contains any of the following floor types. Concrete, tile or stone. Additional parts may be required.

Praised by locksmiths, security professionals and even law enforcement, the OnGUARD door barricade easily withstands up to 3,100 pounds of violent force making it the strongest laboratory certified security door brace available.

Unlike an alarm system, the award winning OnGARD door brace actually prevents criminals from gaining entry. Five years in development, the unique two-piece design utilizes both the strength of the existing floor and a space age polymer – the identical material in US military fighter planes.

Praised by locksmiths, security professionals and even law enforcement, the OnGARD door barricade easily withstands up to 3,100 pounds of violent force, resisting door kick-ins, sledgehammers and even battering rams. Includes limited lifetime warranty

Easily install on most wood, concrete or tile floors, etc.