Dealership Opportunities at ShatterGARD

ShatterGARD is now interviewing qualified candidates for nationwide protected territories. Not a franchise, no royalties.

ShatterGARD is a clear virtually indestructible film that applies to glass to prevent shattering. ShatterGARD eliminates the need for unsightly window bars or pull-down gates.

Security film is utilized worldwide to defend against burglaries, bomb blasts and natural disasters. ShatterGARD is affordable, and is designed to resist the most violent of blows. Ideal for retail stores, showcases, and government facilities. Unlimited applications. ShatterGARD stops criminals in their tracks.

Our package includes a 2-day sales & installation workshop, all required equipment, software, promotional tools and unlimited support. Work from home or shop.

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Protected US territories starting from $26,995.00.

Non-USA protected territories from $54,995.00 USD.

(Installation certification,food and lodging included for US dealers only )