Why Motion-Activated Security Lights Should Be Included in Your Home Security Plan

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July 21, 2023
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Why Motion-Activated Security Lights Should Be Included in Your Home Security Plan

Residents who don’t have motion-activated security lights installed on their property are missing out on a critical component of home security. While it’s true that lights can’t stop an intruder from breaking into your home, motion-activated lights play a vital role in preventing residential crime. 

In this article, residential security expert, Jordan Frankel, will discuss why motion-activated security lights should be included in your home security plan, and which features are most important for outdoor security lights.

Deterring Crime with Motion-Activated Security Lights

The majority of criminals who commit residential crimes don’t select their homes haphazardly. There is a lot that goes into the process, including assessing the level of risk involved. Homes that have no evidence of home security are considered less risky than those that have an obvious layer of security that can be seen the very moment a criminal lays eyes on the property. This is where motion-activated security lights come into play.

A home equipped with outdoor security lighting can have a significant psychological effect on criminals. They communicate that the property owner has taken time to invest in home security. In a criminal’s mind, a home equipped with motion-activated security lights likely has additional layers of home security. It is for this reason that outdoor security lighting can serve as effective crime deterrents.

Motion-activated security lights also deter crime through the startle effect they have on intruders. Even though criminals understand how motion-activated lights work, their high levels of adrenaline and apprehension make them highly prone to being startled by the slightest of triggers. When a bright light suddenly clicks on, it can heighten an intruder’s anxiety, and even temporarily blind him. This in turn can trigger their fight or flight response. Because there is nothing to fight, the usual response is to abort their plan and flee the scene to avoid being seen, apprehended, or worse—shot by someone.

A bright security light that activates in the dark of the night can also remove the cover of darkness that night prowlers use to carry out their crimes, further foiling their criminal intentions. 

Important Features to Look for in a Motion-Activated Security Light

There are certain features that can make an outdoor security light better than others. Understanding these features before you make your purchase can ensure you get the most for your money. Here are some important features you should search for in a motion-activated security light:

  • Passive Infrared technology. A motion-activated light with passive infrared (PIR) technology provides better motion-detection capabilities, thereby reducing the incidents of false activation by moving trees and small animals. A motion-activated light with PIR technology uses heat detection to sense the presence of moving objects. This technology is important because it can decipher between the larger bodies of heat emitted by people and vehicles, and smaller, non-threatening heat sources such as cats and rodents. An example of a motion-activated light with passive infrared technology is the STARTLE 360 LED Light
  • Adjustable motion sensor. Having the ability to adjust the level of sensitivity of the light’s motion sensor will give you the ability to adapt the device to your specific environment. This will help ensure your outdoor security lighting senses and activates appropriately.
  • Adjustable light timer. Motion-activated security lights with adjustable light timers allow you to adjust how long the lights remain on when they are activated. This is an important feature because it will ensure lights do not remain on for too long, thereby reducing energy costs.
  • LED lights. Motion-activated security lights with LED bulbs provide intense levels of illumination while minimizing the use of energy. An example is the STARTLE 360 LED Security Light, which emits 700 watts of intensely bright light but consumes only 160 watts of electricity. The LED bulbs also last up to 25 years, thereby decreasing the expense of replacement bulbs. When compared to outdoor flood lights, the STARTLE 360 LED light expends 75% less in energy. The bulbs of LED lights are also better for the environment, as they do not contain mercury or many of the other toxic materials found in traditional light bulbs
  • Expanded area of coverage. The amount of area the sensors of a motion-activated security light can scan is extremely important. The greater the area of coverage, the better. For example, a security light that can sense motion within a 360-degree area beneath the light is far better than an outdoor light that can only sense objects that pass directly under the sensor. The same holds true for coverage that extends outward. The greater the area of coverage, the sooner the security light will detect motion and activate. The amount of illumination the light emits is also important. Look for a motion-activated security light that can illuminate at least 270 degrees x 160 feet. This will decrease the quantity of security lights needed to illuminate your property as well as cut down on energy costs.
  • Extended warranty. Many of today’s outdoor security lights have a 3-year limited warranty or less, which communicates a lack of quality in the products. When choosing a motion-activated security light, invest your money in one that offers a 10-year warranty or greater. While it may cost a little more, it will save you money in the long run because you will have a better quality product. 

Deter Crime with Motion-Activated Security Lights

Motion-activated security lights can be very effective in deterring criminals, because they help communicate your investment in your home’s security. A home with outdoor security lighting is less enticing to criminals than a home without it. To reduce your risk of being targeted by a night prowler, follow the tips above and invest in a quality motion-activated security light.