Home Security Hero-How Securing Your Home Against Home Invasions Can Save Lives

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July 21, 2023
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July 21, 2023

Home Security Hero-How Securing Your Home Against Home Invasions Can Save Lives

In most of today’s movies, the hero is portrayed as the person who fights the bad guys and saves the lives of others. But when it comes to real-life home invasions, attempting to fight an intruder can lead to tragic outcomes for you and other family members. 

Though there are news reports about residents who shoot and kill intruders, there are so many more that end in the injury or death to a resident. Such a tragedy occurred in a recent home invasion in North Carolina. According to the story by People, two intruders invaded the home of a young mother and her five children. When the mother confronted the intruders in an attempt to protect her children, she was shot and killed.

Many residents make the mistake of thinking that tragic crimes like the one above only happen to people who live in bad neighborhoods. But nothing could be further from the truth. Crime is everywhere and criminals do not discriminate. Every resident is at risk of being a victim of a home invasion, especially those who leave their homes unsecured.

But how exactly does one go about securing their home against intruders? 

The key to protecting your home and your loved ones from a home invasion is to reinforce the security around your home. This requires implementing several layers of home security, with an emphasis on materials and devices that can prevent a forcible entry. 

Some of the most effective ways to secure your home against a home invasion are as follows:

Reinforce the security around your main entry doors.  It doesn’t take much force for a thug to kick open or body slam his way through a locked door. In fact, that is how many of today’s home invasions occur. Some of the things you can do to reinforce the strength of your front door include installing a heavy-duty deadbolt, replacing hollow doors with a solid wood or metal door, and replacing standard screws around the hinges with 3″ to 3.5″ steel screws. 

Most important, however, is to install a high quality security door brace at the base of your front door and any other entry door that swings inward. Such a device can prevent such doors from being busted through by combining the strength of the door, the door frame, and the floor. To see for yourself just how effective this device is at preventing a forcible entry, watch this video demonstration of the OnGARD security door brace

Apply glass protection film to ground-level windows and sliding glass doors. Glass protection film is a protective coating that makes breaking through a glass window very difficult. Though not impossible to break through, quality glass protection film such as BurglarGARD can thwart an intruder’s plans by slowing him down by several minutes. That extra time can make all the difference when it comes to calling 911 and ensuring the safety of you and your family. 

Install a wireless surveillance system and/or home alarm system and keep them activated 24/7. Home surveillance systems and alarm systems are essential to home security. Like outdoor security lighting, surveillance cameras and signs that communicate that the home is protected by an alarm can be highly effective crime deterrents. To be effective, however, you must keep your security systems activated at all times—especially when you and other family members are home.

Some of the important features to look for when it comes to wireless surveillance systems are multiple cameras, a DVR for recording video footage, and a portable LED monitoring device. 

For home alarm systems, look for one that has an insanely loud siren, glass breakage sensors, and a panic button. Be sure to prominently display the signs provided by the alarm monitoring company around your property, as these will let would-be intruders know that your home is no easy target.

Install outdoor motion-activated LED security lights around the perimeter of your home. A light cannot prevent an intruder from entering your home; but it can help deter criminals. For this to be effective, it is important to invest in a motion-activated LED light that is extremely bright as a way to startle potential intruders and give them reason to abort their plans.

NEVER open your door to a stranger. Today’s criminals are getting craftier and disguising themselves as deliverymen, solicitors, and even law enforcement officers to gain entry into the homes of their victims. To prevent falling victim to these scams, adopt the rule to NEVER open your door to a stranger. Be sure everyone in your family follows the same rule. If you have children, make sure they understand that no one but an adult is to answer the door. If someone comes knocking at the door, they are to stay quiet and find an adult. For more tips on how to stay safe when someone knocks at your door, read When Strangers Come Knocking—Home Security Measures to Protect Against Criminals in Disguise.

If You Want to Be a Hero, Be a Home Security Hero

As the victims of home invasions will tell you, there is nothing more frightening than having an intruder break into your home and threaten your life and the life of your loved ones. Even when the victims are not harmed, the emotional trauma often causes lasting psychological damage. So don’t be fooled by how heros are portrayed in the movies. If you want to save the life of your loved ones, put a home security plan in place and install the necessary security devices to prevent intruders from gaining entry into your home in the first place.