Burglar Prevention-Home Security Tips to Prevent a Burglary

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July 21, 2023
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July 20, 2023

Burglar Prevention-Home Security Tips to Prevent a Burglary

Returning home after a long day at work to find your home completely ransacked and your television, computer, and other valuables stolen is not something you want to imagine, let alone experience. But this is what millions of residents experience across the United States every year. 

Unfortunately, many of these crimes occur because of the lack of burglar prevention measures taken by residents. It’s usually not until someone experiences the aftermath of a burglary and the haunting thoughts of a criminal having been in their home, gone through their things, and even seen photos of their loved ones that they take action. Even then it often takes months and sometimes years before they are able to feel safe again. 

Whether you have recently experienced had your home broken into or you are looking for home security tips to prevent a burglary before it happens, this article will provide comprehensive burglary prevention information to help keep you and your family safe.

Understanding Burglary 

Burglary is defined as a property crime that occurs when no one is present. Burglary is the most common threat to your home. The majority of home burglaries occur during the daytime hours when residents are at work. The following statistics go to show just how significant this threat is:

  • Approximately 2.2 million burglaries occur across the U.S. per year.
  • 70% of these crimes are home burglaries.
  • 1 in every 5 homes experiences a burglary.
  • The majority of burglars enter the premises through a “locked” door or window.
  • Burglaries increase over the summer when residents are on vacation.

Home burglaries are rarely random occurrences. Burglars usually scope out homes before selecting their specific targets. Why does a burglar choose one home and not another? It all comes down to easy access and the ability to pull off the crime without being seen. 

This information is very useful because it serves as the foundation from which to build a solid home security plan. By adding the following burglar prevention measures to your residence, you can not only deter but also prevent a burglar from breaking into your home.

Home Security Tips to Prevent a Burglary

Burglar Prevention Tip # 1: Deter burglars with lights and timers.

  • Install bright LED security lights with motion sensors to the exterior perimeter of your residence.
  • Ensure your entryways, pathways, and driveways are well illuminated.
  • Use indoor timers to turn lights on and off to make it appear you are home. Such timers can also be used to turn on a radio or TV at selected intervals. 

Burglar Prevention Tip # 2: Deter burglars with a home alarm and home surveillance system.

  • Install a home alarm system with an obscenely loud siren, motion detectors, glass breakage sensors, and bright strobe lights.
  • Install a wireless home surveillance system and prominently display your outdoor surveillance cameras. A dummy camera can also be an effective deterrent.
  • Display the alarm company signage where it can be easily seen by a would-be intruder.
  • ALWAYS keep your home alarm system set—even when you’re home! 
  • Keep in mind that while a home alarm won’t prevent an intruder from entering your residence, an alarm system such as the one suggested above can deter, startle, and even cause a burglar to abandon his plan and flee the scene. 

Burglar Prevention Tip #3: Secure your home’s windows & glass panes.

  • Install glass security film such as BurglarGARD to accessible ground-floor windows, glass door panes, and sliding glass/patio doors.
  • Insert solid wood or metal rods to the tracks of windows and glass doors that slide sideways.
  • Install anti-lift devices to interior tracks/frames of windows that slide up and down.

Burglar Prevention Tip #4: Secure your home’s entry doors.

  • Replace hollow entry doors with solid wood or metal doors.
  • Use 3″ steel screws to reinforce hinges of all entry doors.
  • Install heavy-duty dead bolts to all entry doors.
  • Install a heavy-duty security door brace (one that can withstand up to 1800 pounds of pressure) to the bottom of all entry doors that swing inward.
  • Install peepholes with wide-angle lenses.

Burglar Prevention Tip #5: Burglar-proof your home’s landscaping.

  • Cut back or remove bushes and other landscaping around entry doors and windows that provide potential hiding places for would-be intruders. 
  • Assess the trees around your home and remove or relocate those that a burglar could use to access second-floor balconies or windows if climbed.

Take Action Today to Prevent a Burglary

As you can see, protecting your residence and personal possessions from a burglar requires a lot more than locking your doors and windows. The more security measures you put in place, the more difficult you’ll make it for a criminal to pull off a burglary. If the initial deterrents such as outdoor security lighting, home alarm signage, and home surveillance systems don’t work, the home security devices such as glass protection film, heavy-duty deadbolts, and security door braces will make your home extremely difficult to break into. And for most burglars, that in itself will be enough reason to abandon their plan and deem your home not worth the effort or the risk.