How to Secure Your Apartment or Condo Against Burglary and Home Invasion

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July 21, 2023
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July 21, 2023

How to Secure Your Apartment or Condo Against Burglary and Home Invasion

Many new residents of apartment and condo complexes believe their risk of experiencing a burglary or home invasion is lower than those who live in single family homes. This false sense of security is often due to the close proximity and increased number of neighbors, as well as certain security amenities such as gates, fences, and security guards. While these features might make apartment and condo complexes may appear safer from the outside, residential crime statistics tell a different story.

According to the 2018 Criminal Victimization Report, households in the U.S. experienced approximately 13.5 property crimes. Of those crimes, 2.6 million involved burglary and/or trespassing. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, residents who live in apartments and condos are over 80% more likely to experience a burglary or home invasion than single family homes and other forms of housing.

Why are apartment and condo residents experiencing more of these crimes than others? According to home security expert, Jordan Frankel, one of the reasons is because of the lack of home security residents of apartments and condos invest in. Many businesses and single family homes protect their dwellings with security alarms, surveillance systems, and other security devices such as security door braces and protective window films that prevent intruders from gaining entry into the premises. Another contributing factor is the increased population and traffic within apartment and condo communities. 

One of the lessons that can be learned from these disturbing property crime statistics is the importance of investing in home security. 

Important Home Security Devices for Apartments and Condos

There is no one device that can protect you or your apartment or condo from an intruder. However, you can significantly decrease your chance of being victimized by a burglar or home invasion intruder by incorporating several home security devices into your plan. 

The following are what residential security expert, Jordan Frankel, recommends to secure your apartment or condo from burglary and home invasion intruders:

Lighting & Timers:

  • Timers can be used to turn on a TV, radio, and lights at random intervals while you are gone.
  • Ensure there is sufficient lighting around exterior sidewalks, hallways, stairs, and entry doors. 

Security Alarm System:

  • Display the signage for security alarms in a prominent location. This will help deter burglars and home invasion intruders.
  • Install a security alarm that has an extremely loud siren as well as a panic button, motion-detection and glass-breakage sensors, and a cellular dial feature. 
  • Remember—an alarm cannot prevent an intruder from breaking into your apartment or condo. It can, however, deter a criminal and alert you of impending danger.

Security for Entry Doors:

  • Replace standard peepholes with a wide-angle lens. 
  • Ensure your front door has a heavy-duty deadbolt.
  • Reinforce doorframe hinges with 3″ steel screws. Replace hollow entry doors with metal or solid wood doors. 
  • Equip your front entry door with a security door brace. A security door brace makes it extremely difficult for intruders to kick in or bust through doors that swing inward. 


Security for Glass Windows & Sliding Glass Doors:

  • Take time to assess the areas around doors an windows for potential security risks, and ensure they are properly secured. If you live in a ground floor apartment or condo, you are at increased risk for a burglary or home invasion because these units are more accessible. Second floor windows and balconies that are near high fences, walls, and trees also carry a higher risk.
  • Insert metal or solid wood rods into the tracks of sliding glass doors and windows to prevent them from being slid open.
  • Treat accessible windows and sliding glass doors with a quality security-grade glass protection film. Such film makes breaking the glass on windows extremely difficult. The increased time, effort, and noise produced is usually enough to cause an intruder to retreat before he can finish the job. 

Security for Landscaping:

  • Assess the landscaping around the perimeter of your apartment or condo unit. Look for shrubs that can be used as a hiding place or trees that can be climbed to access a patio or window. Report these security risks to the property manager and ask that they be remedied.
  • Be vigilant when parking your car and walking through your apartment complex. Criminals like to use shrubs and other landscaping as cover. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Security for YOU!

  • Have a security plan for various residential crime scenarios. Incorporate into your plan the various points of entry and exit to your apartment or condo and which ones can be used to escape. 
  • Consider having a small room or closet converted into a safe room. Should an intruder ever gain entry into your home, a safe room will give you a secure place to hide while you wait for law enforcement to arrive.
  • NEVER answer the door to a stranger!

Secure Your Apartment or Condo Against Burglary and Home Invasion 

Securing your apartment or condo against burglary and home invasion requires multiple layers of security. The more you have, the less likely you will succumb to the evil deeds of criminals.