Why Security Amenities Advertised by Apartment and Condo Complexes Aren’t Enough to Keep You Safe

Statistical Data and Facts on Home Invasions 
July 21, 2023
How to Secure Your Apartment or Condo Against Burglary and Home Invasion
July 21, 2023

Why Security Amenities Advertised by Apartment and Condo Complexes Aren’t Enough to Keep You Safe

Though the law prohibits apartment and condo complexes from sighting their decreased crime as a benefit of their security amenities, the term “gated community” have a way of communicating this message. But don’t be fooled! The prevention of crimes such as burglary, rape, and worse cannot be found in iron gates, fences, or security patrol staff. The key to preventing a residential crime is vigilance and multiple layers of security.

Approximately 13.5 property crimes took place across the U.S. in 2018. Of those crimes, 2.6 million were burglaries. Despite the various security amenities advertised by apartment and condo complexes, the National Crime Prevention Council reports that such residential dwellings have an 85% higher risk of burglary than single family homes.

According to Jordan Frankel, Vice President of Global Security Experts, the security amenities that apartment and condo communities advertise are not enough to protect residents from keep burglars and other intruders. While amenities such as security lighting, card access gates and doors, and security guards is helpful, residents require multiple layers of security that both deter and prevent intruders from gaining entry into the dwelling itself.

What Apartment and Condo Residents Need to Protect Against Intruders

For many residents, the term “gated community” translates into “safe” or “secure” community, and for some “decreased crime.” But as today’s crime statistics and news reports go to show, apartment and condo complexes are not immune to burglary, home invasion, or other crimes. In fact, depending on where you live, you might be at increased risk for being victimized by a crime simply because you live in an apartment or condo. 

While security gates and other apartment and condo security amenities can be of benefit, it is up to you to fill in the gaps in terms of home security. The following are a few tips on what you need to protect against would-be intruders.

Adequate Lighting

Proper lightening can serve as a crime deterrent. In addition to eliminating areas of darkness where criminals can hide, it also enables residents of apartment and condo complexes to better view their surroundings at night. 

Here’s what you need for lighting to be effective:

  • Outdoor lighting should be bright enough to allow building numbers to be read easily.
  • Parking lots, walkways, and other common areas should be brightly illuminated in a manner that allows you to easily see 100 ft or more head of you.
  • In addition to dusk-to-dawn lighting sensors, certain areas within the community should have security lights equipped with motion sensors. This is especially true for the lights outside your entry door, which you can easily install yourself. LED lighting is preferable as it uses half the energy of standard flood lights and the bulbs last up to three times as long—a home security investment well worth the money.

Alarm System

Though a security alarm cannot prevent someone from physically breaking into your apartment or condo, it can help deter criminals. The following some of the necessary features for a security alarm to be effective in deterring criminals.

  • The siren on the alarm must be insanely loud, so much that you can’t help but cover your ears when it goes off. The louder the siren, the more effective it will be at sending an intruder running from the premises.
  • Signs that communicate that the residence is being monitored by an alarm company must be prominently displayed for would-be intruders to see.
  • The alarm must be directly linked to a monitoring center so that the police can be notified immediately after the siren sounds. 
  • Your alarm system should include motion sensors, glass breakage sensors, a panic button, and a back-up cellular dialer. Strobe lights can also be a beneficial feature. 

Security Devices for Entry Doors and Windows

Today’s security technology has made securing the entry doors and windows against break-ins more effective. But not all apartment or condo complexes have invested in these security devices yet. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your entry doors and windows are adequately protected: 

  • Replace hollow entry doors with metal or solid wood doors.
  • Equip your front door with a heavy-duty deadbolt. 
  • Reinforce standard door hinges with 3″ screws made of steel.
  • Ensure your front door has a peephole with a wide-angle lens that allows a complete view of your entryway. 
  • Line accessible windows and sliding glass doors with glass protection film. This will make breaking glass windows very difficult.
  • Install anti-lift and anti-slide devices around windows and sliding doors. For those that slide horizontally, this can be as easy as placing a wooden dowel or metal rod in the tracks. 

No Matter Where You Live, Home Security is Up to YOU!

As residential crimes such as burglary and home invasions continue, so will the security amenity  advertisements by apartment and condo communities. But when it comes to protecting against criminals who have no regard for your personal safety, it really is up to you to ensure you have the multiple layers of security in place to protect what matters most to you.