How to Keep Your Home From Being Targeted by a Burglar

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July 20, 2023
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July 20, 2023

How to Keep Your Home From Being Targeted by a Burglar

How a burglar determines which home to break into isn’t rocket science—it all comes down to risk vs. reward. The risk has everything to do with the criminal’s chance of getting caught and convicted. The reward, of course, is whatever the criminal can steal from your home and sell for cash or drugs. 

So what’s the best way to keep your home from being targeted by a burglar? Increase the risk to the criminal. 

When it comes to the reward factor, your home will always offer something of value to a criminal. Whether it is a television, a computer, cash, jewelry, or a firearm, there will always be something a burglar can steal from you. This is why focusing on the ‘risk’ factor of the equation is so important.

When you think of risk, you need to think home security. The average burglar targets homes that offer an easy in and out with little risk of being seen or apprehended. In order to increase that risk, you need to increase your home security.

Home Security—The More Layers the Better

To better understand how to decrease your home’s chance of being targeted by a burglar, it’s important to understand the criminal behind the crime.

The average burglar is typically a male between 16 to 21 years of age. Most live near or within the community of homes or apartments they target; others have friends or family that live in the community. Having a feel for a particular neighborhood or apartment complex—streets and pathways leading in and out, the types of people and their schedules, and the amount of security or law enforcement that patrols the area—is highly beneficial to burglars. The more a criminal knows, the more likely he can pull off his crime without getting caught. 

To keep your home from being targeted by such a burglar, it is important to implement visible layers of home security. According to home security expert, Jordan Frankel, a residence with highly visible security measures carries a higher risk for criminals, thereby decreasing the risk of that home being targeted. 

Security Layer 1: The Outermost Layer

Burglars usually scope out their potential targets before selecting a home to burglarize. This is why your outermost layer of home security is so important. Such layer is the primary deterrent for burglars and other criminals. The following are tips on how to properly secure the perimeter of your residence:

  • Prominently display home security signage around your residence. This includes alarm company signs, Neighborhood Watch signs, and any signs that communicate crime prevention. 
  • Ensure the exterior of your residence has adequate lighting around doors, windows, sidewalks, and stairwells. Some of your outdoor security lighting should be motion activated LED lights with a startle effect. Bright LED lights will help to further deter would-be criminals.
  • Eliminate areas that a criminal can use as a hiding place. This may mean cutting back bushes or redesigning certain aspects of your landscaping. This is especially important in areas that are near windows, doors, patios, and balconies. 

Security Layer 2: Use the Art of Deception to Make It Appear Someone is Home 

Burglars don’t want to get caught, which is why most look to break into homes when they are unoccupied. To keep your home from being targeted by a burglar when you and your family are away, consider implementing the following to make it appear someone is home:

  • Leave a television or radio on every time you leave home. 
  • Install some automatic timers or smart bulbs to turn lights on and off at varying intervals. You can also use such devices to switch a radio or TV on or off at a specific time.
  • Make an audio recording of the natural sounds inside your home when you and your family are together. Set up the recording to play on a portable speaker while you are gone to further deceive any potential intruders.

Security Layer 3 – Stop Burglars in Their Tracks

Though most burglars want to get in and out of your home without being seen, some are bolder than others. Not every criminal will be deterred by the above security efforts. This is why your third and innermost security layer is so important. It’s the one and only layer that can stop a burglar in his tracks. The following are a few essential home security devices every home should have:

  • Solid wood or metal doors with reinforced hinges (steel screws 2-3 inches in length are ideal).
  • Security-grade dead bolts and door braces. The OnGARD Security Door Brace can withstand up to 1800 pounds of force. This combined with a heavy duty dead bolt will make it extremely difficult for an intruder to bust your door down.
  • Solid wood or metal dowels/rods inside tracks of windows and sliding glass doors. This will prevent them from being opened even if they are unlocked.
  • Extremely loud home alarm systems with motion detectors, glass breakage sensors, and strobe lights.

Keep in mind that even though a burglar may still attempt to break into your home, with the above security devices in place, it will require a lot more time, effort, and NOISE to do so. This is not what burglars want, as it significantly raises the risk of being apprehended. Most will abandon the effort and flee the scene.

Don’t Be a Burglars Next Target

As you can see, keeping your home from being targeted by a burglar requires several layers of security. The more layers you have, the higher the risk to would-be intruders and the lower the risk to you and your family. So be sure to implement your layers of home security today to keep from being a burglar’s next target.