Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse-The Key to Your Family Security Plan

How to Keep Your Home From Being Targeted by a Burglar
July 20, 2023

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse-The Key to Your Family Security Plan

If a home intruder busted through your door one evening, what would you do? These are scenarios most people don’t like to think about, but when it comes to the safety and security of your family, it’s imperative to have a family security plan in place. 

By preparing a family security plan and rehearsing it over and over again, you can greatly improve your chances of survival should the unthinkable ever happen to you. 

What is a Family Security Plan?

A family security plan is a written plan that covers the steps you and members of your family are to take in a variety of dangerous situations. For example, if a home intruder were to break into your residence while you or another of your family members is home, your security plan would outline what you and your family should do in such a situation. 

Without a family security plan in place, you and your loved ones will be left to the natural “fight or flight” response. Though such a response is considered a protective mechanism, when it comes to various crime scenarios, it could turn out to be the wrong response. 

Such was the case in the home invasion that occurred in Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, when a knife-wielding man entered an unlocked door to a home of two teenage siblings. During the assault of the 19-year-old female, her 17-year-old brother was also stabbed as he tried to intervene. 

Neither of the victims of that tragic home invasion expected such a crime to happen to them. Though this horrible crime is not their fault, had they had a family security plan in place, the outcome may have been better. This is especially true had their plan included ways to reduce the risk of such crimes, such as keeping the front door locked when inside. A simple home security device such as the OnGARD security door brace also could have helped prevent this home invasion.

An Important First Step to Creating a Family Security Plan

When creating a security plan for your family, it’s important to think about the various crime scenarios that you and your family could be faced with both at home and away from home. Developing a comprehensive family security plan for each potential crime scenario can better protect you and your loved ones should any of those potentially dangerous scenarios ever happen in real life.

Just as important is including your family in on the discussion. With everyone’s input, you can better explore the various crime scenarios you and your family might be faced with and the steps you should take in any given situation. 

The following are some examples of important crime scenarios you and your family should explore together:

  • A home intruder breaks into your residence while you and/or other family members are home. What steps should each family member take?
  • Someone walks up to you and/or your spouse in a public parking lot, shows you a weapon, then demands you give them your wallet, purse, or car keys? How should you or your spouse respond?
  • Your teenager arrives home after school and finds the house has been ransacked. What should he or she do?
  • Your child is playing with friends at a park and a stranger begins talking to them about a lost dog. How should your child respond?

Many people make the mistake of believing that robberies, kidnappings, home invasions, rape, and murder only happen to other people. But as home security expert and Founder of Global Security Experts knows, CRIMINALS DON’T DISCRIMINATE. It’s up to you to take the time to entertain the “what ifs” and determine the best plan of action for you and your family.

Life-Saving Components of a Family Security Plan

So what exactly does a family security plan look like? According to home security expert, Jordan Frankel, a solid family security plan incorporates a number of life-saving components. The following are what he recommends:

  • Put your family security plan in writing. Include detailed steps for each family member and for each potential crime scenario. Remember to discuss the plan with your family and include crimes that can occur both at home and in public.
  • Include in your plan the various preventative measures you and your family members can take to help reduce the risk of such crimes. Identify any vulnerable areas of your home and install the necessary home security devices to ensure the maximum security possible. Examples of home security devices that can prevent the entry of an intruder include the OnGARD security door brace and BurglarGARD glass protection kit.
  • Include phone numbers to your local law enforcement agency, including 911 and other emergency contact numbers (including phone numbers to neighbors and outside family members).
  • Map out an escape plan/escape route. This is especially important for crimes that occur at home. For example, explore which doors or windows would be best to exit with each given scenario. If you have a safe room, be sure each family member understands how to get to it and what to do once inside.
  • To ensure everyone in your family understands what to do in each given scenario, devise some mock crimes and act them out. Be sure to do this several times throughout the year. You can never rehearse enough.
  • Provide a copy of your family security plan to neighbors and other family members who don’t live with you. Review the plan with them and let them know of the important roles they play should one of your crime scenarios occur. 
  • Review and update your security plan every year. This is especially important if you have children, because as they get older, your family security plan may change in terms of the steps they should take with each given crime scenario. 

Your Family’s Security is Just a Plan Away

Most people don’t take the time to think about the potential crimes that could affect their family, let alone have a family security plan in place. 

As difficult as it is to imagine yourself or someone you love in the middle of a terrifying home invasion, robbery, or carjacking, it’s the only way to ensure a solid family security plan. But don’t stop there. Once you have your security plan in place, remember to REHEARSE, REHEARSE, REHEARSE. Doing so just might your life or the life of someone you love.


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