Home Security for Dogs-How to Keep Your Dog Safe During a Burglary or Home Invasion

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July 21, 2023

Home Security for Dogs-How to Keep Your Dog Safe During a Burglary or Home Invasion

Dogs are important members of so many residents’ families, yet so often forgotten when residents think about their family’s safety and security. It’s usually not until a burglary or home invasion occurs that residents realize the importance of including their canine companions in their home security plans. 

In a recent WAAYTV news report about a home invasion in Huntsville, Alabama, a man kicked in the backdoor of a family’s residence and then shot and killed their Labrador. In another tragic story out of Smithfield, North Carolina, by WRAL, a small, elderly dog of 13 years was killed during a burglary. After the crime, the owner of the dog told the reporter, “I don’t understand who would shoot a sweet, little dog like that. He’s not going to hurt them. It’s not like he’s a pitbull or rottweiler or something. It just doesn’t make sense. If they’re going to come and shoot a dog, they have no problem shooting a person.”

Home Security Tips for Protecting Your Dog Against Residential Crimes

Having a dog, particularly a breed that is known for its protective nature, can be an effective deterrent for criminals who want to avoid drawing attention to themselves. But home invasion intruders are a different breed altogether. They are often heartless thugs who have no problem killing a dog to demonstrate their power and evoke fear in their human victims. Even when there is no need to kill a dog, some do it for a sick pleasure. 

Though many homeowners rely on their dogs to help keep their homes protected, each owner is responsible for the safety of their dog. The following are some important home security tips for protecting your dog against home intruders:

  1. Display signs that say “Beware of Dog” outside your home. Most burglars and home intruders prefer to target homes that they feel offer easy entry. A home with ‘Beware of Dog’ signs posted around the property can help deter home intruders, because breaking into a residence with a dog is much riskier than breaking into a residence without one. Posting signs with images of large breeds such as a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, or Doberman can also be effective. Home security expert, Jordan Frankel, recommends posting these kinds of signs whether you have such a breed or not. 
  1. Place your canine in a secure room or dog kennel when you leave the house. Many times the reason a dog is killed by a home intruder is because of its aggressive behavior or the intruder’s fear of being attacked. To decrease your dog’s risk of being harmed by an intruder while you are away, place your dog in a secure room or a dog kennel. A dog that is safely secured is far less threatening to an intruder than one that is roaming freely about the house. Keeping your dog in a locked room or kennel can also reduce the risk of your dog being stolen or running away during a burglary or home invasion. This is especially true for expensive dog breeds and dogs used in fighting rings, as they have a higher risk of being stolen and sold for money.
  1. Install quality home security products that prevent forcible entries and stop intruders in their tracks. The key to protecting every member of your family, including your four-legged companions, is to keep the bad guys out of your home. Because many intruders have mastered how to break in through a door or window protected by nothing more than standard locks, it’s up to you to fortify the security of your home by installing quality home security products that can prevent forcible entries. For example, to increase the security around your entry doors, equip them with a heavy-duty deadbolt and an OnGARD security door brace. For windows and sliding glass doors, invest in a BurglarGARD glass protection kit to make breaking the glass panes of windows and doors very difficult to break. 
  1. Microchip your dog. No matter if your dog runs away or gets stolen, a microchip can help locate your canine and return him or her home. Be sure to keep the address and phone number associated with the microchip properly updated. At the very least, your dog should have an ID tag on its collar with your name and phone number engraved on it. Because collars can be accidentally or purposely removed, it is worth the small expense to microchip your dog.
  1. Create a security plan that includes your dog. Protecting your dog during a burglary or home invasion means taking the time to think about such scenarios and what you can do to protect your furry family member. After devising your plan, rehearse a few scenarios with your family to ensure everyone knows what to do. Sometimes all it takes is to make a few small changes in your daily routine to better ensure your dog’s safety should an intruder ever enter your home. IMPORTANT! Regardless of how much you might plan, there is always a chance that things may not play out the way you hoped. Never risk your own safety for the sake of your dog.

Your Dog’s Safety is in Your Hands

Though we like to think that our dog will save us from a home intruder, it is usually the dog that winds up injured or killed. To reduce the risk of experiencing such a tragic loss, include your dog in your safety plan and invest in quality home security devices to keep the bad guys from gaining entry into your home.