What’s Your Reason? Jordan Frankel Addresses 5 Reasons Residents Ignore Advice from Home Security Experts

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What’s Your Reason? Jordan Frankel Addresses 5 Reasons Residents Ignore Advice from Home Security Experts

Have you taken a look at your local news reports today? Chances are there are a few about a residential burglary or home invasion, and there will likely be more tomorrow. As unfortunate as these crimes are, what’s more unfortunate are the many residents who continue to leave their homes and their families at risk despite the advice of home security experts. 

With over 20 years working with law enforcement, the U.S. military, and everyday residents, no one knows home security better than Jordan Frankel. In this article, Jordan will address five reasons residents ignore the advice he and other security experts give, and why it’s important for you and others to listen. 

Reason #1: I want to let the fresh air in while I’m home. Having to keep my windows or screen doors closed and locked is not reasonable.

Home security doesn’t mean locking yourself in your home like a prisoner. It’s about understanding the threats that lurk in your neighborhoods and taking steps to reduce your risk of falling victim to them. The following are a few ways you can continue to enjoy some fresh air while you are home without placing yourself at high risk:

  • Keep ground-floor windows and doors in rooms you are not occupying closed and locked. Open only those windows of the rooms you and your family are occupying. 
  • Limit how much a window can be slid open by placing a solid wood or metal rod in the tracks.
  • Replace doors with flimsy mesh screens with doors with metal screens that open outwards. This type of door will allow you to enjoy some fresh air while you remain safe behind a sturdy door that you can keep locked.
  • Invest in a home alarm or wireless surveillance system with motion sensors so you can be alerted when someone enters your property. 

Reason #2: I always keep my windows and doors locked. That’s enough to keep the bad guys out.

It is a big mistake to rely on the standard locks on your windows and doors for home security. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the majority of burglaries are achieved by breaking into the home via a locked window or door. Intruders who commit violent home invasions also often gain entry by kicking or busting through a locked entry door. 

To see how easy it is for an intruder to bust through a locked entry door, watch this video demonstration and how the OnGARD security door brace can prevent such a break-in. As the video demonstrates, the standard frames and locks on entry doors cannot withstand the force of a hefty kick or body slam. Installing a security door brace at the base of your main entry doors eliminates this problem by combining the strength of the door, the door frame, and the floor to create a barrier that can withstand over 1700 pounds of force.

Reason #3: I keep my porch light on at night. I don’t want to spend money on motion-activated lights. Besides, a light isn’t going to prevent an intruder from breaking in.

While most burglaries occur during the day when residents are away from home, some occur at night while residents are sleeping. Many home invasions also occur at night when people are home.

The reason motion-activated security lights are important is because of the psychological effect they have on would-be intruders. For one, having these lights lets criminals know that you take home security seriously. If you have one device, the thought will be that you may have more. Motion-activated lights also remove the darkness that intruders like to take cover in. 

An extremely bright security light can also startle an intruder, which tends to heighten the fear of being seen or caught and cause them to abort their plans and retreat. The STARTLE LED light was designed around this very concept. In addition to its bright light, its innovative infrared motion-sensing technology is better at sensing people and vehicles than most other security lights, thereby decreasing activation when small animals are present.

Reason #4: My neighborhood is safe. Home invasions and burglaries happen in neighborhoods where drugs, gangs, and violence are a problem.

Even the safest neighborhoods have some level of crime, and in most cases those crimes involve burglaries. For example, according to U.S. News, Portland, Oregon is one of the safest cities in the United States in terms of murder and property crimes. In reviewing Portland’s daily news reports, however, there are many stories about burglaries and even an occasional home invasion. In many cases, residents involved in these crimes fell victim to the belief that they didn’t have to worry about home security because they live in a safe neighborhood.

No matter where you live, there is some level of risk of being burglarized and even terrorized by a home intruder. Residents who take their home security seriously can significantly reduce their risk of falling victim to these crimes. 

Reason #5: Home security is too expensive. I can’t afford all those security devices.

The average dollar loss per burglary in the U.S. is over $2,400. But that’s not all that victims of burglary and home invasions lose. Computers and documents with personal information, family heirlooms, sentimental items, and peace of mind are often losses that cannot be quantified. 

The cost of home security is often much less than what many residents believe. With the right devices, most residents can adequately secure their homes against burglary and home invasions for just a few hundred dollars. BurglarGARD Window Protection Film and the OnGARD Security Door Brace are excellent examples of affordable home security devices that can prevent break-ins through doors and windows. 

Not everything has to be purchased at the same time. If your budget is tight, decide which device is the most important for your home and begin there. Devices that make it difficult for intruders to break in through a door or window are worth the investment. At the minimum such devices will help slow down an intruder, affording you time to contact 911 and protect yourself.

Reduce Your Risk—Listen to the Advice of Home Security Experts

Today’s residential crime statistics and news reports go to show the importance of taking extra steps to protect your home and your family against intruders. Don’t make the mistakes so many residents make—listen to the advice of experts like Jordan Frankel, and secure your home today.