When Your Ex Becomes a Threat-Home Security and Personal Safety Tips to Keep You Safe from an Angry Former Partner

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When Your Ex Becomes a Threat-Home Security and Personal Safety Tips to Keep You Safe from an Angry Former Partner

It’s a common scenario among couples who have parted ways. One partner ends the relationship, but the other refuses to move on and engages in harassing behaviors. No matter how many phone calls are made to the police, the estranged partner continues to find ways to torment their ex-partner to the point where they no longer feel safe.

Unfortunately, scenarios such as these often lead to more tragic events. In a Click On Detroit article, out of Mount Clemens, Michigan, a young woman’s boyfriend was shot and killed in her residence by her ex-boyfriend. According to the article, the ex partner broke in through a side door of the home, snuck into the bedroom, and shot the young man multiple times while he slept. 

In another New York Times article, the estranged husband of a woman who worked in a nail salon in Queens entered her workplace and stabbed her to death in front of her coworkers. According to the report, the couple had been separated for approximately 4 years. Prior to forcing his way into the salon on the evening of the murder, the victim’s ex had been showing up at her work and pacing back and forth outside the salon. 

A sense of betrayal, jealousy, and anger can fuel a former partner’s threatening behavior for months and even years after the relationship has come to an end. This is particularly true for men and women who have poor coping skills. When unresolved feelings turn into threatening behaviors such as harassment, illegal trespassing, and stalking, protective measures in the form of home security and personal safety must be implemented to keep safe from the angry former partner. 

Home Security and Personal Safety Tips to Protect Against an Angry Former Partner

No matter the circumstances of your breakup, you deserve to live your life in peace. If you have lost your sense of security due to a former partner’s dysfunctional behavior, it is imperative that you put in place the protective measures necessary to prevent your ex from bringing harm to you and/or your personal property.

Here are a few tips from home security expert, Jordan Frankel, that can help you ensure your safety while at home.

Tip #1: Replace the locks on your entry doors. If you are still living in the residence you and your ex once shared, and your former partner has no legal right to enter the residence, be sure to replace the locks on all entry doors. Do not hide any keys outside nor give a key to your ex when he or she is acting on their best behavior. If you have children together, do not allow your children to have a key as your ex can easily make a copy of it when he or she has the kids. 

Tips #2: Increase the security around entry doors and windows. Locked doors and windows are not enough to keep a determined ex partner out of your home. Additional home security devices are required to prevent a break-in through these vulnerable entry points. 

To protect entry doors that swing inward, such as your front door, install a heavy-duty deadbolt and reinforce the doorframe with 2.5-3″ screws. For women who are being threatened by an ex-husband or boyfriend, installing a security door brace such as the OnGARD security door brace will make busting down your door next to impossible. The OnGard has been proven to withstand forces up to 1775 pounds and prevent forcible entries by way of sledgehammers, body slams, and forceful kicks. 

For windows, it is important to install a protective security film such as BurglarGARD glass protection film. Though it looks like nothing more than a clear piece of plastic, BurglarGARD provides a protective barrier to glass panes that makes breaking them extremely difficult. Like the OnGARD, BurglarGARD has been proven to hold up to multiple blows by hard objects such as bricks, rocks, and baseball bats. Be sure to click on the link above and watch the video demonstration of each of these innovative home security devices. 

Tip #3: Install a home security system. If you do not yet have a home alarm system, now is the time to install one, preferably one with a panic button that allows you to alert the monitoring company of a trespasser the moment he or she is detected. 

But don’t stop there. In addition to having an alarm that can alert you when someone enters your home, you should also have a surveillance system that can forewarn you of the presence of your ex partner or another intruder the moment they step on your property. 

Jordan Frankel recommends investing in a wireless surveillance system that is equipped with multiple cameras, a built-in DVR or video recording feature, and a portable LCD monitor. Such a system will not only alert you when your ex shows up, it will also allow you to view and record his or her actions from the safety of any room in your home. Such a system can be life saving as it allows you the time you need to contact the police and wait for help to arrive within seconds of your ex arriving on your property. 

Tip #4: Never Let Your Guard Down! Your home is not the only place your ex partner may show up. Any time you leave your home, be sure to stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. This includes looking to see if you are being followed by your ex when you leave your home. If possible, have someone accompany you whenever you go shopping—the more people you have around you the better.

If your partner is harassing you at work, be sure to notify someone in your human resources department and/or supervisor or manager. Don’t be afraid to seek their help to ensure your safety while at work.

Every time your ex engages in harassing or threatening behavior, be sure to call the police each and every time. Each police report will serve as evidence when it comes time to file a restraining order. Though a restraining order is sometimes enough to get an ex partner to stop bothering you, it cannot prevent your partner from contacting you or showing up at your door again. It only makes it illegal to do so. So make sure to report the illegal behavior the moment it happens and insist that your partner be arrested. 

Even during times when your ex is behaving appropriately, NEVER let your guard down!

Don’t Let Your Ex Partner Control Your Life

The best way to protect against an ex partner’s uncontrollable behavior is to take control of your home security. Start by implementing the above security tips today to ensure your personal safety and peace of mind when at home.

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