Home Security Devices You Can’t Afford to Live Without

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July 21, 2023
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July 21, 2023

Home Security Devices You Can’t Afford to Live Without

There are millions of residents across the nation who rely on nothing more than the standard locks on their doors and windows to protect their home. The most common reason for many of them is the belief that they can’t afford home security devices. But as today’s crime statistics and news reports go to show, leaving your home unprotected is very risky, and such a mistake can lead to far greater losses than the small cost of home security. 

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR), in 2017 there were over 7,694,000 property crimes in the United States. Those crimes resulted in a loss of over $15 billion. Approximately 18% of those crimes were burglaries. Keep in mind that these statistics are based solely on the reportable crime data available. There are many more crimes that don’t get reported to the police. The above property crime statistics also do not include the numerous home invasions that occur across the nation each year, many of which involve violence, sexual assault, and even murder. 

It’s usually not until a crime occurs that the victims and their neighbors begin to understand the importance of investing in home security. Such was the case for the neighbor of the victims of a violent home invasion in San Diego, California. According to the Fox5 News report, three men broke into the victims’ home while they were sleeping. During the crime, the male victim was assaulted and the suspects attempted to drag him out of the home and kidnap him. After the incident, one of the concerned neighbors stated, “We’ve had people come to our door, try the door and they can’t get in.” The neighbor went on to say that because of the crime “she is doing all she can to secure her home.” It is likely that the victims of that terrifying home invasion are doing the same.

An important lesson can be learned from today’s crime statistics and news reports, and that is you can’t afford to leave your home unprotected from potential intruders. 

Affordable Home Security Devices No One Should Live Without

Home security does not have to mean spending thousands of dollars. There are a number of affordable home security devices that can significantly decrease your risk of being burglarized or assaulted by a home intruder. To get the most for your money, follow these tips by home security expert, Jordan Frankel: 

  1. Invest in home security devices designed to prevent forcible entries. To prevent a burglary or home invasion, you must invest in devices that can prevent an intruder from entering your home. A security door brace is one such device. This highly effective yet affordable device combines the strength of the floor, the door, and the surrounding framework, creating a barrier that can withstand over 1700 pounds of brut force. 

For windows, home security devices such as BuglarGARD window protection film provide an added layer of security to glass window and door panes, making the glass very difficult to break. The extra noise-producing effort it takes to break a window or sliding glass door with this protective security film is usually enough to deter an intruder, as they will usually give up out of fear of being heard, seen or apprehended.

  1. Invest in home security devices that notify you of potential intruders BEFORE they gain entry. Devices such as home surveillance systems and alarm systems can serve as early warning systems of intruders. There are a number of affordable home security systems available to residents. Be sure to invest in one that has wireless motion sensors that can be installed in various places outside your home. These sensors will alert you anytime someone enters your property. 

A wireless surveillance system with multiple cameras and a portable LCD screen is also worth the investment. Such a system will allow you to view various areas of your property as well as see anyone who is outside your residence from any room inside your home. This early warning system can provide you with the time you need to call 911 and find safety in situations involving a potential intruder.

  1. Invest in quality, not quantity.  You can save yourself a great deal of money by buying a few high quality home security devices over several cheap devices. Though higher quality devices cost more, they are typically built to last and some even come with lifetime warranties. Cheaper devices, on the other hand, tend to break easily and they don’t always perform as well as they claim. If you can truly only afford to buy one or two home security devices, invest in quality products that can PREVENT intruders from entering your home.

You Can’t Afford to Leave Your Home Unprotected

Leaving your home unprotected against burglars and other dangerous intruders is a risk you don’t want to take. The losses from such crimes far outweigh the costs of the home security devices that can prevent them. When you look at things from that perspective, it’s easy to see why home security is something you can’t afford to live without.