Home Security Devices: Quality is the Key to Protecting Your Home Against Intruders

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July 21, 2023
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July 21, 2023

Home Security Devices: Quality is the Key to Protecting Your Home Against Intruders

Crime statistics show that many of today’s residential crimes occur through a locked door or window. Yet millions of residents continue to rely on the standard locks on their doors and windows to protect against burglaries and home invasions. While there are those who invest in home security devices, all too often the products lack the quality necessary to prevent a break-in.

Properly protecting your home from a burglar or home invasion criminal requires an understanding of the home security devices that are out there and which offer the best value for your money. When it comes to home security devices, quality is the key to protecting your home against intruders.

The following is some essential home security information that every resident should know before investing in home security devices.

  1. A home alarm system is essential, but it’s not everything. A home alarm system is an essential device in every home security plan, and every resident should have one. However, keep in mind that an alarm system cannot PREVENT an intruder from entering your home. The purpose of a home alarm system is to alert the resident of an intruder. A home alarm system can also be an effective crime deterrent, especially when the signage is prominently displayed for would-be intruders to see.

When it comes to investing in a home alarm system, the essential features that are key to protecting your home and your family include (1) exterior motion sensors that provide an alert BEFORE an intruder enters your home, (2) an extremely loud siren, and (3) a remote dialing feature that provides immediate notification to the alarm company’s central monitoring center, who then notifies the police. This is important because the faster the police are called, the faster law enforcement will arrive at the scene.

  1. Quality is a must when it comes to securing doors and windows. When it comes to preventing a break-in, quality is the key to protecting your home against intruders. Quality does not have to equate to expensive, however. For example, to prevent your door from being kicked in or busted down by an intruder, all you really need is a metal or solid wood door, a heavy-duty deadbolt, reinforced door frames, and a quality security door brace like the OnGARD. When you have all of these items working together, you can trust that your door will hold up to the largest of brutes. 

For glass windows and door panes, it’s important to have them lined with a quality glass protection film, such as BurglarGARD. This security-grade film makes it extremely difficult for the glass to be broken by an intruder. Because windows are one of the common entry points for intruders, every residence should have a quality glass protection film installed. Without this quality home security device, an intruder can easily break the glass on a window and reach in and unlock the window for easy entry. 

  1. Invest in certified security products and buy only what you need. If you ask a home security sales representative what you should have for your home, you can bet you’ll spend a small fortune on a number of devices, some of which won’t do much in the way of preventing a break-in. For example, you might be told you need a glass breakage sensor on every glass window or door pane in your home. In reality, all you need is a single, high-quality omnidirectional sensor installed on the ceiling of each room in your home. While these types of sensors may be higher in price, you don’t need as many of them, thereby saving yourself some money. The same holds true for motion sensors. A quality motion sensor can cover a larger area than cheaper sensors, so you don’t need as many of them to monitor your property.

One of the ways to ensure a product’s quality is to look for security products that have been tested and certified to perform in the manner they claim. Cheaper products may promise to work as well as the quality version, but chances are they will fail you at the time you need it most. Cheaper products also have a tendency to stop working or break within a short period of time, requiring an additional purchase. Investing in high quality, certified home security products up front can save you money in the end.

Quality Home Security Devices Are the Key to Protecting Your Home

You don’t have to risk your child’s college fund to properly secure your residence against intruders. Investing in a few quality home security devices will provide the protection you need to protect your home and your family. The peace of mind you’ll gain will also be worth every penny.