Home Invasion Prevention-Home Security Advice and Devices to Protect Against Home Intruders

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July 21, 2023
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July 21, 2023

Home Invasion Prevention-Home Security Advice and Devices to Protect Against Home Intruders

There are few things as terrifying as having your home invaded and your life threatened by an intruder. Despite the prevalence of home invasions reported in the news, many residents continue to leave themselves exposed to these life-threatening crimes.

According to a Fox 6 News report out of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, a mother and child were injured by two intruders after they forced their way into their residence. The intruders used aggressive force in an attempt to obtain financial information from the adult victims. According to one of the police Captains, “This residence was specifically targeted for this crime.” The victims of the crime were held up in their residence by the intruders for several hours before they were able to call for help. The woman and child were struck multiple times with a weapon by the intruders as a way to get what they wanted. 

In another report by WSOC TV out of Monroe, North Carolina, a mother of five children was shot and killed after violent intruders invaded her family’s home. According to the report, the children were home during the horrific event; two suffered minor injuries.

Crime reports such as these are why home security specialist, Jordan Frankel, has dedicated his life to protecting residents against heartless criminals by educting them about residential crimes, as well as designing and manufacturing residential security devices that can prevent break-ins. The following are some of the preventative measures and devices Mr. Frankel recommends to protect against burglars and home invasion intruders.

Preventative Measures to Protect Against Home Intruders

In each of the above home invasion crimes, the intruders forced their way into their victims’ homes. While the reports did not specify the exact method of entry, according to Jordan Frankel, the fact that the intruders were able to gain entry is likely related to a lack of home security. 

As many victims of burglaries and home invasions have learned, locked windows and doors are not sufficient to keep intruders from breaking into your home. Yet for many residents, this is their only means of home security. Many victims have also learned that opening their door to a stranger is also a huge mistake. Unfortunately, these mistakes often lead to tragedies like the ones reported in the above news stories.

Although there is no definite way to prevent a burglar or violent criminal from selecting your home as his next target, there are things you can do to prevent such a criminal from gaining entry into your home. The following are some important home security measures Jordan Frankel recommends.

  • Replace hollow entry doors with a solid wood or metal door and reinforce door hinges with 3″ steel screws. 
  • Install an OnGARD security door brace to main entry doors that swing inward. This simple yet highly effective device can prevent intruders from busting through your door by creating a force that can withstand up to 1800 pounds of pressure.  
  • Treat ground-level and other vulnerable window panes with BurglarGARD glass security film. This preventative security film can makes breaking glass window panes very difficult. Sliding glass doors, French doors, and other doors with glass panes should also be secured with this protective security film.
  • If you don’t already have a security alarm, get one. Make sure it has a blaring siren and glass breakage sensors.
  • Keep your home security alarm activated 24/7. It may be your only means of being alerted of an intruder before you find yourself standing face-to-face with one. This may provide the precious seconds you need to dial 911 and seek safety. 
  • Equip your home with an outdoor wireless home surveillance system. Invest in a system with multiple cameras and a portable LED monitor that allows you to view video footage from anywhere in your home. This will enable you to see anyone that sets foot on your property. This is crucial because the earlier you are notified of the presence of a stranger, the more time you will have to take action to protect yourself and your family.
  • NEVER open the door to a stranger. Use a wireless home surveillance system to view who is outside your door. Don’t be fooled by criminals disguised as deliverymen, salespeople, utility workers, police officers, etc. When in question, speak to the person through your locked door. Ask for their name and the organization they represent. If they provide you with a phone number to call, do not use it. This could be a trick and the number could be to the phone of a nearby accomplice. Instead, use your computer or cell phone to search for the name and phone number of the company yourself. 
  • Educate children about the potential dangers of answering the door to a person they don’t know. Children are best off leaving answering the door to the adults in the home.
  • Create an emergency plan that addresses various crime scenarios and the steps each member of your family should follow in any given situation. Review the plan with your family and rehearse it several times a year to keep the information fresh in your mind. 

Take Preventative Measures and Keep Home Intruders Out

Everyone is at risk of being victimized by a burglar or home intruder. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit and wait for it to happen. By implementing the preventative measures recommended above, you can decrease your risk and even prevent a break-in should a criminal ever attempt to gain entry into your home.