Drugs and Residential Crime-How to Protect Against Drug-Seeking Criminals

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July 21, 2023
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July 21, 2023

Drugs and Residential Crime-How to Protect Against Drug-Seeking Criminals

When a person addicted to drugs becomes desperate to feed their addiction, it is not uncommon for them to turn to burglary and other forms of theft. The items they steal are often sold or exchanged for their drug of choice.

In a Fox43 news report out of a small town in Pennsylvania, the perpetrator’s heroin addiction was cited as the reason for burglarizing his neighbor’s house. The items he stole were sold at a pawn shop and the cash was used to buy more heroin. 

Illegal drugs, however, aren’t the only substances today’s drug-seeking criminals are after. Prescription drugs in the form of narcotics are just as popular. In a series of violent home invasions in South Seattle, Washington, prescription drugs were reported as one of the primary motivators for the crimes. According to the KomoNews report, the crimes involved multiple perpetrators kicking in doors of homes while the residents were home.

National Drug and Crime Facts

There are numerous studies that have linked drug use and crime. This can be easily seen from statistics derived from numerous inmates across the United States. According to data reported by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP):

  • Over 80% of U.S. inmates have a history of substance abuse; 50% are drug addicts.
  • As many as 95% of inmates return to drug use when released from incarceration.
  • As many as 80% return to crime as a means to fuel their drug addictions.

Tips for Securing Your Home Against Drug-Seeking Criminals

Drug-seeking criminals don’t just target homes known to contain illicit or prescription drugs. Any home that has a chance of offering electronics, cash, jewelry, or anything else that can be sold for cash or exchanged for drugs is a prime target—including yours.

To reduce your risk of having your home broken into by a drug-seeking intruder, it is important to install a few security devices designed to prevent break-ins. The following are devices that have been proven to be effective:

  • Security Alarm System: Having a security alarm can serve as an early warning of an intruder, especially those equipped with glass breakage sensors and door sensors. Alarms with blaring sirens can also be effective at startling intruders, causing them to run from the scene to avoid being apprehended. Other important features include remote dialing capabilities, a panic button, and a backup battery. The system should also be monitored by a dispatch center 24/7. The most important aspect of any alarm system, however, is keeping it activated. Even when you are home, you should keep your alarm system on.
  • Wireless Home Surveillance System: A wireless home surveillance system is an important part of every home security plan. In addition to allowing you to see who is at your door, a system with multiple cameras can also alert you of suspicious people and vehicles the moment they approach your property. In addition to multiple cameras, other important features to look for are a digital video recorder (DVR) for recording video footage, and a portable LCD monitor so that you and other members of your family can view video feed from any room in your home. An example of a quality wireless surveillance system is the the OnGARD Walk-About. Its built-in DVR allows you to record video even when you are not home. Should an intruder try to break into your home while you and your family are away, the video recording can provide important details about the criminals for police.
  • Security Door Brace: Most intruders gain entry into homes through a main entry door—even those that are locked. To prevent an intruder from forcing his way through your front door, install a quality security door brace. When this compact yet highly powerful device is engaged, your door will be able to withstand over 1700 pounds of violent force. To see how effective this device can be at protecting against an intruder, watch this video demonstration of the OnGARD Security Door Brace.
  • Glass Protection Film: The other common entry point for home intruders are windows and sliding glass doors. This is why lining glass panes of vulnerable doors and windows with security-grade glass protection film is so important. One of the best glass protection films on the market is BurglarGARD. When installed on the inside of glass panes, this highly durable glass protection film acts as an invisible barrier that can withstand multiple strikes by rocks, a brick, a baseball bat, and other hard objects. Breaking a glass pane protected by BurglarGARD requires a lot of noise-producing effort and time, which makes it a highly effective crime deterrent. Many criminals would rather abort their plans than continue on with their attention-getting efforts and risk being apprehended.

Protect Against Drug-Seeking Criminals by Making Home Security a Priority 

Both illegal and prescription drug addictions are common motivators among criminals who commit burglaries and home invasions. Consumed by their substance dependence, drug-seeking criminals will do everything they can to feed their addictions—including invading your home. 

Don’t sit back and wait for a drug-seeking criminal to rob you and your family of your property and peace of mind. Protect what matters most to you by making home security a priority.


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