Windows Treated With StormGARD® Glass Protection Film Remain Intact Following Hurricanes & Storms

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September 18, 2023
ShatterGARD® Introduces StormGARD® Safety Protection Films to Protect Against Hurricanes and Storm Damage
September 18, 2023

Windows Treated With StormGARD® Glass Protection Film Remain Intact Following Hurricanes & Storms

During hurricane season, individuals and businesses face significant threats, including physical damage and the financial burden of insurance costs and taxes amounting to billions of dollars. With the occurrence of hurricanes like Ian becoming more frequent in the United States, there is a growing need for an effective and affordable solution to prevent shattered glass and the costly aftermath that accompanies such destructive events.

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, ShatterGARD, the global leader in glass protection film, has proudly announced the successful performance of their window protection product, StormGARD®, during the brutal storms along the Gulf coast. While some windows were shattered, the dangerous glass shards adhered to the StormGARD® film, ensuring safety and preventing property damage.

StormGARD® glass protection film is a patented thin mylar coating that provides unparalleled protection against severe and violent storms, including hurricanes and tornadoes. StormGARD®’s high-strength, optically clear or polyester material significantly strengthens the glass, making it virtually impenetrable to extreme weather conditions. Currently available in the United States, Canada, and many other countries, StormGARD® is applied to the interior side of windows, preventing glass shattering during storms. Even if a window breaks, StormGARD® effectively holds the hazardous shards in place, minimizing further damage from wind, rain, and other elements.

According to Jordan Frankel, founder and CEO of ShatterGARD, Inc., storm damage to property is often not solely structural in nature. Millions of dollars’ worth of damage occurs annually due to rain, debris, and even animals entering houses and businesses through shattered windows. In densely populated areas, a broken window can become an open invitation to looters. StormGARD® is specifically designed to provide an additional level of protection against this type of damage from all types of storms. 

StormGARD® window film is virtually invisible to the human eye and does not alter the appearance of windows or glass surfaces. Certified technicians install StormGARD® with a lifetime-limited warranty, and installation arrangements can typically be made within 14 days.

ShatterGARD’s headquarters in Atlanta, GA handles all arrangements, including scheduling, ensuring customers do not have to deal with multiple vendors.

For over 25 years, ShatterGARD, Inc. has been a trusted provider of the highest quality and most reliable window and glass protection film on the market. Their clients range from the United States Military and the Federal Government to the American Stock Exchange, Bank of America, the New York Office of Public Safety, and countless homeowners seeking to safeguard their properties from damaging storms and natural disasters.

Jordan Frankel emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself and minimizing the impact of storms, stating that while storms can occur anywhere and their damage may sometimes be unavoidable, StormGARD® offers an affordable and highly effective extra layer of protection for homes and businesses. He further assures that ShatterGARD will continue to offer this unique, life-saving glass protection film to the general public.

For more information, please contact ShatterGARD, Inc. at their toll-free number: 1-888-306-7998-14 or visit their website at