VehicleGARD® Do-it-yourself Glass Protection Film Now Available to Everyday Citizens in Self-installation Kit

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VehicleGARD® Do-it-yourself Glass Protection Film Now Available to Everyday Citizens in Self-installation Kit

Global Security Experts proudly introduces VehicleGARD® Do-It-Yourself Glass Protection Film, a revolutionary security and safety window film that has been trusted by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Now, everyday citizens can purchase the self-installation kit to protect themselves from carjacking, car theft, and dangerous glass shards in case of an accident.

The VehicleGARD® DIY glass security film, previously used exclusively by military and law enforcement, is now available as a self-installation kit for consumers. This film provides an invisible coat of armor to the vehicle’s glass, preventing injuries from razor-sharp shards when the glass shatters.

While many drivers rely on car alarms for vehicle security, these alarms often go unnoticed or ignored in parking lots or on the street. VehicleGARD® DIY glass security film goes beyond traditional measures by maintaining the integrity of shattered glass, preventing entry by carjackers and thieves. In dangerous situations like car accidents or carjackings, VehicleGARD® offers occupants the crucial time they need to escape harm.

Jordan Frankel, the founder of Global Security Experts and renowned as the Security Sensei, emphasizes the importance of feeling safe and secure inside a vehicle. He recognizes that accidents and carjackings can occur unexpectedly and pose potential dangers. With VehicleGARD® glass protection film, drivers and occupants gain an extra layer of protection while inside their vehicles.

VehicleGARD® Do-It-Yourself Glass Protection Film is available in optically clear and heat and glare reducing tinted versions. The self-installation kit includes an instructional video and all the necessary tools for application. The film’s pressure-sensitive adhesive allows for easy adjustment and positioning on various car windows. Professional installation can be arranged upon request, or consumers can choose to install the film themselves or hire a local window film expert.To explore VehicleGARD® and other security products from Global Security Experts, please visit their website at