Smartphone Apps for Parents-Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Children 

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Smartphone Apps for Parents-Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Children 

Smartphones offer more than a means of communication. With a multitude of apps and other features, they allow us to look up information, find our way to an unfamiliar location, make purchases, and numerous other things, including keeping tabs on our home and ensuring the safety and security of our children. 

If you’re a parent looking for ways to ensure the safety and security of your children, the following smartphone apps might be just what you need to gain added peace of mind. 

Home Security Apps

Many of today’s home security and surveillance systems include apps for smartphones and computers that allow users to access the system when they are away from home. Many parents are taking advantage of these devices and apps to ensure the safety and security of their children. 

With the ability to turn a home alarm system on, switch lights on and off, adjust camera views, and view live camera footage, parents are able to find better peace of mind while they are at work or out running errands. Those with cameras set up around the residence can see what their child is doing at their convenience. They can also see who comes to the door and some even allow parents to communicate with their child directly through the system. 

Family Locator Apps

Most of today’s mobile phone carriers offer a family locator app that allows parents to see their child’s location. Such an app can be very useful for parents who have children that walk to and from school or teenagers who drive or go out with friends frequently. Using this particular service usually requires a monthly fee. 

In addition to paid family locator apps, there are also a number of FREE family locator apps. One such app is Life360. This convenient family locator app allows you to create private groups called “Circles.” Members of the group can view each others location on a private map and even receive real-time alerts whenever one of the Circle members leaves or arrives a certain destination. 

Life 360 also offers Driver Care Support, which allows drivers to request roadside assistance from a live representative with a single push of a button. This can be very convenient for teen drivers and even parents themselves if their car ever breaks down or they find themselves in any other unsafe situation while on the road. 

Life360 works on both iPhone and Android systems. 

Notification Apps for Important Phone Calls and Text Messages

Do Not Disturb features can be very convenient when attending an important meeting or other event that requires you to silence your phone. The problem is that such a feature can cause you to miss an urgent or even emergency phone call or text message. That’s where smartphone notification apps come into play. 

These important apps ensure important messages and phone calls are received, even when your phone is silenced. Most apps allow you to program the criteria for the types of messages and alerts you want to receive and from whom. When a phone call or message lines up with your alert criteria, you will receive the programmed alert in the form of a vibration, sound, or a flashing light.

Distracted Driving Apps to Protect Your Teen Drivers

When children reach driving age, parents take on a new level of worry. With so many accidents, injuries and deaths resulting from drivers using their smartphones while driving, many parents are learning the hard way that it is not enough to tell their teenagers to turn their phone off when driving. 

Though educating your teenager about the dangers of using their smartphone while driving is a must, children of that age have a tendency to do what they want and defying their parents’ wisdom. To ensure their teenagers are keeping their eyes on the road, many parents are turning to smartphone apps designed to reduce the risks of distracted driving. 

When installed on your teen’s smartphone, a distracted driving app will make your teen’s phone unusable while their vehicle is in motion. With the exception of emergency calls to 911, such apps prevent drivers from sending and receiving text messages and phone calls. When their vehicle comes to a stop, their phone returns to its normal function. 

To prevent your teenager from tampering with the app, many of today’s distracted driving apps come with password protection. 

Parental Control Apps

As if the threats outside of your home aren’t enough, your child’s smartphone also carries potential risks and dangers. From pornography to child predators and bullies, without proper parental supervision, your child could be exposed to a number of inappropriate and even dangerous threats.

If you’re like most parents, you can’t oversee your child or their smartphone 24/7. That is why parental control apps are so important. Such apps allow you to set up various parameters regarding usage times, web content that can or cannot be viewed, social media, contacts, and more. 

With a parental control app installed on your child’s phone, you can have that control you need even when you aren’t with your child and protect them from the various threats that lurk among the World Wide Web.

Make Use of Today’s Smartphone Apps and Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Children

The above-listed apps are just a few of the thousands of security apps that parents are using to ensure the safety and security of their children. By taking time to explore them, you are certain to find one that will give you greater peace of mind and help keep your child(ren) safe and secure.