Crimes Against Women-Important Safety and Security Tips to Help Women Protect Against Predators

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July 21, 2023
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July 21, 2023

Crimes Against Women-Important Safety and Security Tips to Help Women Protect Against Predators

When it comes to crimes against women, U.S. crime statistics continue to show that women are victimized by certain types of crime more than men. Such crimes include rape/sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and carjackings. As troubling as it is, these are important statistics that every woman should take seriously. 

With the majority of criminals being men, women are often viewed by male predators as vulnerable. Though some women have been successful at fighting off their assailants, in many cases female victims are overpowered by the physical strength of their male attackers. Others are psychologically overpowered and forced into submission through the threat of a gun or other weapon.

If you think such crime only happens to other women, think again. Every woman is at risk, including you. Though there is no way to ensure a crime never happens to you, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk. The following are some important safety and security tips to help protect against predators. 

Safety and Security Tips to Protect Women Against Predators

Tip #1: STAY aware of your surroundings at ALL times. No matter where you are—at the store, a park, a parking lot, outside your home—stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you. Look around for people and vehicles. Be aware of what’s going on behind you as well. If you notice someone is loitering nearby or following you, retreat to a safer location or dial 911. Even if they are an innocent bystander, it’s always better to error on the side of safety.

Tip #2: Avoid distractions such as talking and texting on your phone when out in public.  Male predators look for opportunities to attack their female victims. One such opportunity presents itself when a woman is distracted. There is nothing wrong with having your cell phone in your purse or even in hand when out in public. But chatting or texting on your phone as you walk around places you at increased risk of being overcome by a predator. To stay aware of your environment, you must avoid chatting and texting on your cell phone and other distractions. 

Tip #3: Always park in well-lit areas. Dimly lit parking lots and secluded areas place women at risk of crime as predators like to use the cloak of darkness as a hiding place. The more light and people around you, the more you can decrease your risk of being victimized by a crime. If you are ever at a store at night and you don’t feel safe walking to your car, ask an employee if they can provide you with an escort. Most businesses are happy to accommodate their customers.

Tip #4: Be ready with car keys in hand before walking to your vehicle. One mistake many women make is waiting until they arrive at their car to find their keys. Those few seconds of fumbling around their purse is a window of opportunity for a criminal waiting to attack. Don’t make this mistake—take your keys out of your purse before heading out to your car. This will help you keep your eyes on what’s going on around you. Having your keys in hand also gives you a way to sound an alert and attract attention to yourself if necessary, as most key fobs now have a ‘panic button’ that sets off the vehicle’s alarm or horn when pushed. 

Tip #5: Check the inside of your car before you enter it. Some predators are known for breaking into and hiding inside the vehicles of their victims. No matter where you’re parked, look inside the windows before entering your car. If you have a truck, look inside the bed, as this can also serve as a hiding place for predators. 

Tip #6: When meeting up with a man you don’t know well, ALWAYS meet in a public place. With the popularity of online dating, many women are finding themselves having to meet men they don’t know well. If you ever find yourself in this situation, make sure you meet in a public place where there are lots of people around. No matter how nice or innocent he seems, never allow a man you don’t know well to pick you up from your house or take you to a more secluded or intimate location while on a date. When meeting up with a man or someone else you don’t know well, provide their name and personal contact information to a friend or family member. Last but not least, never share your address or any other private information, such as where you work, what gym you go to, or what school you attend, with a man you don’t know well.

Tip #7: Vary your routine. Some predators observe for patterns in the daily routines and behaviors of their targeted victims. Knowing when a woman comes and goes from their home or place of work provides windows of opportunity for criminals. To avoid this, vary your routine even if it means purposely leaving or arriving home or work at a different time, or taking a different route than usual. If you are in the routine of going for a jog or walking your dog at a specific time each day, change the time and route as often as possible.

Protect Against Predators Who Prey on Women

Don’t make the mistake of taking your safety and security for granted. When it comes to protecting against predators that prey on women, it is your responsibility to protect yourself against them. Stay vigilant and always be on the lookout when you’re in public. In addition, look out for other women such as your sister, mother, neighbor, or best friend by sharing the safety and security tips you learned to help women protect against predators.