Preventing Flying Glass as a Lethal Weapon: The Power of BlastGARD® Glass Protection Film

Windows Treated With StormGARD® Glass Protection Film Remain Intact Following Hurricanes & Storms
September 18, 2023

Preventing Flying Glass as a Lethal Weapon: The Power of BlastGARD® Glass Protection Film

Throughout the decades, extremist groups and terrorists have been fully aware of the combined damage that explosives and unprotected glass can cause. Now, building owners and facility managers can enhance protection for building occupants and the public by installing BlastGARD®™, an optically transparent glass protection film developed by ShatterGARD Inc.

Originally created for the U.S. military to defend against deadly flying glass resulting from explosions or deliberate attacks, BlastGARD® is now available to the private sector in response to recent global events. Jordan Frankel, Vice President of ShatterGARD and Global Security Experts Inc., emphasized the company’s commitment to providing building owners, facility managers, and architects worldwide with the same level of protection offered to the government. The high-strength polyester material adheres to the interior side of the glass, acting as an invisible coat of armor that significantly strengthens the glass and makes it nearly impenetrable to small ballistic attacks.

In the event of a major explosion, BlastGARD® window film plays a critical role in holding razor-sharp glass fragments together, preventing them from becoming lethal weapons. Additionally, the product absorbs shock waves, cushioning and dispersing the impact to the window frame. This helps maintain the integrity of windows in the attacked structure and surrounding buildings, minimizing the risk of bodily harm and property damage.

Compared to ballistic glass, BlastGARD® window films offer a quick and easy installation process by certified technicians on the interior surface of glass. At approximately 60% of the cost of ballistic glass, BlastGARD® provides a highly cost-effective alternative. The film is optically clear, distortion-free, and filters up to 98% of harmful UV radiation, offering protection to building interiors and sensitive equipment. Tinted versions of the film are available to reduce glare and heat infiltration by up to 70%. Furthermore, BlastGARD® is extremely scratch-resistant and will not yellow or distort over time like ballistic glass.

BlastGARD® blast mitigation film is currently utilized by over 50 U.S. military bases, as well as government buildings, law enforcement agencies, and commercial structures worldwide. Notable installations include The United States Naval Surface Warfare Center, The US Defense District Depot, The Department of Army (Korea), Pope Airforce Base, Federal Bureau of Investigation, DEA, Secret Service Los Angeles County Sheriffs Prison, U.S. Naval Consolidated Brig, U.S. Naval Defense Depot (Korea), Naval Post Graduate Academy, U.S. Military Fleet Center (Japan), Wells Fargo Bank, Hoover Dam, Verizon, and NASDAQ.

BlastGARD® safety protection film meets and surpasses all current GSA standards for window fragmentation retention film and comes with the industry’s only limited lifetime warranty. In the event of a broken BlastGARD®-treated window, ShatterGARD will reapply the film to the new windows at no cost for materials or labor.