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Facility Engineering Magazine Reprint
September 28, 2023
Police Magazine Reprint
August 28, 2023

Increased Vehicle Security

Facing growing threats from terrorism, rioting and armed assailants, emergency service personnel and law enforcement agencies worldwide are looking for ways to increase vehicle security.

Manufactured by ShatterGARD, VehicleGARD is the latest generation of window protection films already in use throughout the law enforcement and public service industries. Applied directly to automotive glass, making it virtually impenetrable to flying rocks, clubs, axes, ballistic attacks, vandalism and attempted break-ins.

VehicleGARD is ideal for patrol cars, motorcycles, vans and inmate transfer buses. This breakthrough product can also be used to protect military vehicles, firefighting and EMS equipment and ambulances.

Multiplying the strength of glass by over 200 percent, VehicleGARD eliminates the risk of razor sharp flying glass caused by minor automobile accidents, riots, small ballistic attacks, vandalism and attempted break-ins. VehicleGARD window film makes glass highly shatter-resistant. In the unlikely event that the glass is broken, VehicleGard holds all of the pieces of broken glass together protecting vehicle occupants from injury, as well as denying entry to a potential thief or assailant.