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August 28, 2023
Glass Retention Film
August 28, 2023


Smash-and-grab or “three-minute burglaries (B3M),” which occur by “attacking a glass front door or a window of a retail establishment in the middle of the night and then smashing a display case and stealing merchandise left out” accounted for an average loss of $65,000 in 2000, according to JSA.

Atlanta-based ShatterGard (, a company that takes advantage of military technology—which historically has not been slated for private-sector use—has developed a product called BurglarGard for the smash-and-grab victims within the jewelry industry. BurglarGard is an optically clear, virtually impenetrable window film that applies to storefront windows or showcases to defend against and deter burglaries.

Jordan Frankel, vice president of ShatterGard explains, “BurglarGard was designed to stop the would-be intruder in their tracks by reducing the likelihood of window penetration. While a criminal may muster enough force to shatter the window, it will require repeated (and attention-getting) blows to break through the virtually impenetrable film.

Generally, the burglar cannot risk the time needed to break through, and will abandon the attempted burglary.”

The film which can be applied to all types of glass and has a lifetime guarantee, provides “water white” or crystal-clear viewing so as not to diminish a customer’s view of merchandise through a glass showcase. At [$XX] per square foot, a storefront with four widows and a door would cost approximately [$XXXX] (excluding showcases). Compare this with burglar-resistant glass at an approximate cost of [$XXXX}, which requires the store to close for installation. BurglarGard is installed during normal business hours with absolutely no mess or disruption.