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August 28, 2023
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August 28, 2023

Protect Glass in Buildings

During the recent World Trade Center terrorist attack, numerous deaths and injuries resulted from shards of Glass which flew up to 3/4 of a mile away from the collapsed structure.

Building owners and facility managers can now provide building occupants and passerbys with additional protection by installing BlastGARD glass fragmentation retention film from ShatterGARD.

Developed as a defense against bomb blasts, comma explosions and flying glass, comma BlastGARD glass protection film adheres to the interior side of the window. The high strength, optically clear or tinted polyester material acts like an invisible coat of armor, making the glass significantly stronger and virtually impenetrable to small ballistic attacks. The film is virtually undetectable to the human eye and will not alter the appearance of the windows in any way.

In the event of a major explosion, BlastGARD helps hold the razor-sharp glass fragments together, preventing flying shards of glass from becoming deadly weapons. The product also absorbs shock waves, cushioning and dispersing the impact to the window frame, even keeping windows of surrounding buildings intact, thus minimizing the risk of bodily injury and property damage.

BlastGARD fragment retention film is installed with a lifetime warranty. It is only installed by certified technicians (not local window tinters), and BlastGARD technicians must be certified prior to installing these window protection films.

Unlike ballistic glass, BlastGARD can be installed inside the structure without disruption to daily business activities. At roughly 70% of the cost of ballistic glass, the BlastGARD product is also a cost-effective alternative when compared to the cost of ballistic or safety glass.