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August 28, 2023
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Opportunity Spotlight

ShatterGard Offers Unique Security Business Opportunity

Walk down the downtown area of any city or town in this country at night and you’ll see every storefront protected by heavy pull-down gates, bars and steel doors– most of them pretty unsightly. Even many apartment buildings and homes are placing thick bars on the windows of their lower floors to prevent break-ins. It’s not a very appealing or comforting sight. ShatterGard has an alternate solution.

ShatterGard is the manufacturer of a revolutionary new security and safety window film. It is a transparent, virtually impenetrable firm that applies to glass (of just about any size) to prevent shattering. Not only can this strong film protect against burglaries and vandalism, but also glass breakage due to natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. And worldwide dealerships for this product are now available.

How strong is this film? The results of ballistic tests show that bullets fired from a variety of guns– including a .44 Magnum– could not penetrate the film.

This means that burglars are not going to be able to smash store and home windows, even with the strongest of blows. Thieves will not be able to crack into a car window to grab a CD player or other valuables. Flying debris from hurricanes won’t be able to shatter windows.

Stores, homeowners, car owners, landlords and many other types of business owners will be your customers for this product. Aside from its safety features, you can tout another benefit of the window film: it’s available in a variety of clear and tinted solar films. The solar films reflect up to 98 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

ShatterGard is seeking qualified candidates to sell and install its product. This is not a franchise, and there are no annual royalties to pay. In business since 1994, ShatterGard offers this opportunity at a start-up cost of [DELETED]. The company provides complete training, including a two-day sales and installation workshop, all the equipment you’ll need, software, promotional tools and unlimited support from headquarters.

Contact: ShatterGard, 8351 Roswell Rd., #196, Atlanta, Georgia 30350; toll-free 1-888-306-7998;