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August 28, 2023
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August 28, 2023


Blastgard glass fragmentation retention film was developed as a defense against bomb blasts, explosions, and flying glass, the company explains. Adhered to the interior side of the window using special adhesives, the film’s high=strength polyester material acts like an invisible coat of armor, making the glass stronger and virtually impenetrable to small ballistic attacks, it continues. In the event of a major explosion, the film absorbs shock waves, cushioning and dispersing the impact to the window frame, keeping windows in the structure and surrounding buildings intact. Meeting and exceeding all current GSA standards, it comes with the only limited lifetime warranty in the industry, according to the manufacturer. Optically clear and distortion free, the film filters up to 98 percent of UV radiation, and tinted versions are available which can reduce glare and heat infiltration up to 70 percent. The product is scratch resistant and will not yellow or distort over time, the supplier adds. Shattergard, Inc.